The International English Library was established in 1946 as a British Forces initiative to bridge the gap between nations at war. The Occupation Office thus created “Die Brücke”, which hosted cultural events as well as the library.


As Günther Grass noted in The Tin Drum, “Die Brücke” was known for learning and culture:

“...I educated myself almost free of cost together with thousands wanting to catch up and to educate themselves, took courses in the Volkshochschule, and became a regular in the British Centre, called Die Brücke.”

Over time, Die Brücke saw many changes and budget cuts in the 1990s threatened the closure of the library. It was saved however, by a group of private regular visitors who formed a non-profit organization to be run by volunteers. Together with loyal sponsors, their work continues to make our library the wonderful place it is today!

Hours and Location


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